My Sustainability Project

Helping People Grow is a community think tank created around work called: My Sustainability Program which is a 12 week series that teaches a higher level of learning for impacted individuals from impacted neighborhoods to think smarter and think broader about sustainability and how to use their gifts and lived experiences around designing developing and deploying their purpose.

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The American system has devoted many individual, governmental, service oriented, faith base and non-profit assistance for our neighbors who are and who have been impacted all their life, assuring that and array of robust services around housing, food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment and a legal continuum of care are provided, an for that we truly thank you.

But over the last 10 years we have found that our neighbors are lacking the knowledge, skills and acumen around learning, which will significantly decrease their level of success.. The lack of thinking like a thought leader with a savvy acumen from a sustainability prospective are so wide spread it leaves a huge gap which could diminish a persons quality of life and potentially leave them flatlined.

We've been Teach our impacted neighbors how to make smarter choices and developing the know how around how to use their gifts and experiences to make connections and how those connections within those experiences could align meaningful engagements that could potentially change The outlook on their life.