My Sustainability Project

My Sustainability Project is a community think tank created around a 12 week learning series that teaches a higher level of understanding for impacted individuals from impacted communities on how to think smarter and think broader about personal sustainability and how to use their natural born gifts and lived experiences to design, develop and deploy their life's purpose.

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The American system has devoted individual, governmental, service oriented, faith base and non-profit assistance for our neighbors who are and who have been impacted, targeting needs around housing, food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment and a legal continuum of care to assure that all the basic needs are met and for that we are truly grateful.

But over the last 15 years we've seen a trend coming from the community that their basic needs are extremely important but and investment around helping them understand and build their personal sustainability acumen could significantly increase their level of success and close a huge learning gap that could increase their quality of life and potentially reduce their risk.

My Sustainability Project does exactly that, provides lessons learned that help our neighbors make smarter and broader choices around developing the know how on using natural born gifts and lived experiences to better integrate into the community and better build needed relationships, ultimately aligning a purposeful and meaningful journey that will potentially change the trajectory of their life.